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Kelly Winterburn Creative Nail Design technician

About Kelly.

I am a CND (CND is the new name for Creative Nail Design) Grand master nail technician and have over 8 years experience doing nails. I started my journey into nails in when I was a teenager, I was always doing and redoing my nails with different designs, But my professional journey into the nail and beauty industry began in 2001 When I went to college to do my Beauty Therapy Nvq2 and although I enjoyed beauty i realised my real passion was Nails!  So in 2002  I booked myself on my first Nail course which was with Creative Nail Design,  I loved the course and learned alot but also learned that doing nails on the public is a far cry from doing them on yourself!  I went to work in my first salon in 2003 and loved it! But I wasnt satisfied I knew I still had alot to learn so in 2004 I went back to college and did my NVQ3 in Nail technology. Although I am now an experienced and fully qualified nail technician I believe in ongoing education and always try to update my training. 

My education to date;

NVQ3  Nail technology

CND foundation liquid & powder (acrylic)


CND Brisa Gel

CND Pre masters

CND tips and troubleshooting

CND L&P master application 

CND Brisa Gel master application 

CND master rebalancing 

CND masters qualification day (Brisa Gel)

CND masters qualification day (L&P)