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Kelly Winterburn Creative Nail Design technician

Nail Enhancements I offer are customized to the client needs and preferance, Your lifestyle, fashion preferance and of course your natural nail condition will all be taken into account during your consultation, to able you to have the best longlasting enhancements possible.

Nail enhancements available include L&P(Acrylic) and Brisa Gel. Which can both be applied as a Tip & Overlay, Natural Nail Overlay or Sculpted Enhancements.

Nail enhancements are available in French(pink&white acrylic) Natural or if you fancy something different why not try Glitter or Coloured!

I also offer Custom Blended enhancements to suit your skin tone ideal for those clients that prefer their smile lines a little more dramatic OR for clients that have short/bitten or damaged nails that require coverage to make them look beautiful again!

Whichever Nail Enhancement service you have it will be customised just for you!

Also checkout my MINX page for fantasic nail art thats taking the US by storm as seen on celebs like Beyonce, Rhianna and Lady GaGa!

Nail Enhancements  from £35

Rebalance £25

(Rebalance-recommend every 2-3 weeks to maintain the strength & beauty of you enhancements as you natural nail grows underneath. Nail biters 7-10 days)    

French Rebalance £30                                                                       

Nail Enhancement Removel £10

(Avoid damage to your natural nails by having them removed professionally, inc mini manicure)

Brisa Gel Toes £25

Shellac  £20

AlmondSpa Manicure £20

(Luxurious deeply hydrating, soothing & moisturising manicure system that is like comfort food for the hands-Yummy!)

MarineSpa Pedicure £25

(An earth-derived pedicure system rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will cleanse, buff and hydrate your feet into your real softies)

Nail art - Hand Painted or 3D   Prices on request